Thursday 17 December 2015

Signs and Symptoms of an OBE!

After having read the introduction to this blog many of you will be in disbelief or in question of my sanity. The secondary reaction is that you may be curious to delve deeper into this unknown world. For those of the secondary reaction I encourage you to continue reading for the best way to prove the existence of this phenomena is to experience it first hand for yourself. Astral projection has only come into popularity relatively recently and therefore there are only several publications on this topic. More to the point I will describe the techniques that will allow you  to have this experience. It is important to note that this is something that will come with time and will take patience. You should not expect that on your first attempt to OBE that you will be successful. It is common though to experience the various symptoms associated with astral projection but without a knowledge of what to do next you will simply get excited or ruin you trance.

In order for this to happen before we can describe the techniques involved we must analyse the symptoms so that when it does happen you are prepared.

1. Vibrations: One of the most common symptoms that you are near having an OBE is a strong sense of vibrations that can almost even be described as violent. If someone was to watch you while you did this you wouldn't be physically vibrating because it is your astral body that is trying to separate from the physical.
2. Buzzing or Humming Sound: Another frequently reported sign is a loud rushing or buzzing sound can be heard. The reason for this sound is unknown but it marks your awareness being transferred onto a different plane.
3. Sleep Paralysis: Sleep paralysis is an indirect sign for having an OBE because we experience sleep paralysis every night when we sleep we are just not consciously aware that it is occurring. This is a bodily mechanism that paralyses every muscle in your body preventing you from moving. Sleep paralysis happens so that we do not roll and kick while sleeping and you are unable to act out your dreams.
These are the 3 most common symptoms that you can recognize as a sign that you are very close to having an OBE. In future I will also describe the actual methods that you can utilize once these symptoms begin to separate and begin astral projecting.

Astral Projection: A dream or Reality?

 Attempts have been made in experiments with mixed results. A common example is a six digit number was printed on a piece of paper. No one was shown the six digit number and someone who had the ability to produce an OBE at will was asked to participate. The piece of paper with the number was placed on top of  a wardrobe inside the room where the subject was asked to astral project. The person recalled the six digit number clearly and there is no possible way that he could have seen the number beforehand or moved to go and see it during the experiment because he had brainwave electrodes attached to his head so if he had move it would've created a huge disturbance in the reading that was clearly not present. It is highly unlikely that the patient guessed the exact six digit number that was on the paper. Critics claim that the whole experiment was made up by the scientist and his patient.

Thursday 3 December 2015

Introduction to OBE



I'm will, and in my blog I'm going to explain to you the geography of astral projection! Astral Projection aka Out of Body Experience (OBE) is the act of consciously leaving your physical body through and assumed second or astral body which is capable of travelling outside of it. This may sound crazy to many of you at first but I can assure that it is completely real as I have experienced it myself! You may not know this but every night when we sleep our astral body leaves our physical body but since it is our subconscious mind that has taken over, we have no control over what we do. There are several techniques which allow us to induce and OBE while we are in a sleep state and consciously control what our second body does

      When we leave our body we go to a place known as the astral plane or the 4th dimension. In theory the AP is a physical duplicate of our own material world but is not the same as it is vibrating at a different frequency. Since it is of a higher frequency than our own denser more matter focused dimension the typical rules of physics don't apply. In this dimension our second energy or astral body is controlled by our thoughts although all of your physical sense are retained. Our conscious mind interprets things very literally and responds almost instantly to any thoughts or commands. For example if  a thought of my grandmother in a foreign country was to cross my mind I would travel to her location in the astral plane. It is also possible to see and visit places that we have never been to or encountered in our physical body. Since our mind is so susceptible to distractions often it is hard for the inexperienced astral projector to control his actions in the second body. This leads to the primary difficulty of providing scientific evidence of the phenomena known as astral projection. Science mostly turns a cold shoulder to OBE's as many scientists believe that since it is not able to be proven it is not real.

    Throughout the rest of my blog my I will try to explain to you the various dynamics and the geography of Astral Projection. This will include methods of inducing OBE's, the possibilities of astral projection, is this phenomena actually real or just dream, and the effects that Astral Projection can have on your life.

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